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Friday 5th August

5 ways to alter your mood

1. Select the mood you would prefer to be feeling
2. Lets say you wish you be content and feel stronger rather than sad. Alter your posture to one you would assume if how you would be if you was content and feeling strong.
3. Think of a time you felt most happy and strong, take your time to visualise it, the sounds, the feelings, and smells, use all your senses to really bring it to life for you.
4. Has your anything with in you changed, your body, your mood. If so think of something you would like to do that would continue this feeling you have, if not adjust your body really delve deep into your happiest moments, if you have broken up from someone do not let it be a happy moment with them, rather let it be one without.
5. Go out with your friends or family and enjoy yourself, leaving behind your previous thoughts


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