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Friday 5th August

5 ways to improve your social status

1. Live an active life worth talking about, go out there and do the things you want to do, travel, skydive, whatever it is go do it. And when you get back talk about it, have photo and videos to show, then ask if they would like to join you on your next adventure.
2. Take an interest in the people you are talking to, ask them about their selves, even if what they are saying seems dull, ask for more information, you never know you may learn something cool. People like people who take the time to listen to them.
3. Mirror the person you are talking to, body language, tonality, and gestures. Find common ground. People like people like themselves. Now this does not mean being someone you’re not, all you’re doing is talking to a person where they are at, you will be surprised at how much more you will understand them and appreciate them too.
4. Find happiness in you, take the time to love who you are so others can see and feel the energy coming from you when they come over or you go to them, no one like to be stuck with the miserable person. A health smile is more inviting that a lost and sad face.
5. Do not rush anything, push yourself but not too far past your comfort zone, reach but don’t stretch. Be authentic and congruent with yourself and with other and they and yourself will feel comfortable and relaxed to share information.


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