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Friday 5th August

5 ways a man can keep a woman

1. Know your self-worth and be confident in who you are
2. Socialize, go out and interact with people, every woman likes a man who others like, its basic psychology to like a person because others like that person too, also the distance away from her will make her miss you.
3. Find out her love language, once you know how she likes to feel loved do that for her randomly to show her you care.
4. Let her know you desire her, seduce her, take charge like an alpha man taking his woman out of sheer lust.
5. Pursue your passion and dreams, a man with purpose and direction make a woman feel safe and confident in knowing she is with a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. Also woman may say they want you all the time for them to be your number one, but deep down they want to have to work for it too, for you to pursue something gives the space for you both to yearn for each other.


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