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Friday 5th August

5 things a woman can do to keep a man

1. Bring back the flirtatious and spontaneous love making once a week spontaneously
2. Dress to impress him once a week if not more, show him what he has
3. Send him know via messages or just letting him know you love him being your man and why, not every day but at least once every 2 weeks.
4. If he is away for a while or just out of the blue, send him a naughty message or picture letting him what awaits him at home.
5. Follow your passions and dreams, seeing a woman shining bright full of her femininity and happiness makes us men fall in love, seeing you pursue something means we have to wait for you increasing the need for your attention and touch. It’s the chase we all love. Make us chase via your femininity and the distance you are from us.


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