How 'Your Identity Coach' helped us...

...he has helped me tap into what he calls the authentic me.

My name is Richard 28 years old from Manchester. I met david on a night out in Manchester I was out with a few work mates, I noticed him first by because of his height, this tall fella who was talking to these guys and girls, they all seemed to be listening to him. I bumped into him at the bar we was both waiting to be served and he turn to me and said, “you all right mate how is your night going”. I told him I noticed him talking to his friends and was intrigued how he seemed to get every ones attention. He came across with some philosophical words, “our attention goes to those who either listen to us or tell us something about ourselves”. We proceeded to talk for a while and he showed me a few techniques to use to get the attention of a certain woman I liked. I met david again a few times on nights out together and he has helped me tap into what he calls the authentic me and how to deliver myself to others with confidence and gain the attention of those around me. David is a cool guy and has made me a more confidant person and my social abilities have rocketed. Let us know when you are next out in Manchester david.



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