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David has helped me centre myself, discover who I am and to enjoy life for myself

I would like to first mention how empowering it was to read about where you came from and the things you had to go through but most important where you are now and that you are a lovely person, its inspiring. My name is Lucy Hill, I found David through Facebook, I messaged him first to give my condolences on behalf of his beautiful dog Rex who sadly died in the kennels. I was tagged into David’s page for his business and after reading through it I decided to message him to see if he would be able to help me with my self-confidence issues. We had a few sessions together and well david could see right through me, he was very sweet and patient with me, he helped me to tackle my issues within my relationship, that being that I didn’t have one, I had been in and out of relationships and seem to have attracted time wasters who seemed to be mr right in the moment but then change later. David has helped me centre myself, discover who I am and to enjoy life for myself. It has been four months since I have seen david and well, it has been a exhilarating 4 months and best of all, a great man has come into my life, not through dating sites but whilst me and my friends were at the ice bar in London, things are going great in myself and our relationship and I have david to thank for it.

Lucy Hill


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