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Self-discovery is the process of gaining an understanding of one's own abilities, character, emotions and strengths. Self-reflection is the key to a meaningful and fulfilling life. We all have at some point in our lives either lost site in who we are, where we were meant to be and what we are born to do. Self-discovery is a workshop designed to align you with your authentic self, the untapped resources and potential within you. We are spectacular human beings with the means to shape not only our own lives but the world around us.


Self-development is an ongoing process we all go through in life, the process can be quick or slow, painful or challenging, repetitive or progressive. With the help of advanced techniques, exercise and coaching, you can gain the benefits sooner rather than later. Self-mastery is about exercising complete control over your own self, especially your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Besides maintaining control over what you think, believe and how you feel, the pursuit for inner calm and self-discipline is a valuable commodity to attain, in order to succeed. It is not enough to just develop the confidence and abilities of ourselves, but the means to socialize and grow with others. We have designed self-mastery to bring about a whole progression of self, which will provide greater fulfilment in your life.

Leadership and Management

Businesses today are finding that all across the board their staff are looking for more than simply a wage and climbing the ladder. Statistics have shown that people are not staying in a company long term to acquire adequate pensions. People are becoming more aware of their need for satisfaction, significance and meaning in the workplace. Corporation’s and businesses are choosing to adapt and learn how to improve the quality of leadership and business environment for their staff, to improve productivity but most importantly maximise the relationship between those in leadership positions and there members of staff. Within this workshop you will learn the tools and techniques as well as the understanding of what it takes to become a leader.


Although many people are now turning to online dating and having some success, it comes to no surprise to find people portraying false characters, hobbies and air brushing photos, just to be recognised by the masses like a production line on a conveyer belt. At Your Identity Coach we believe in human interaction from the start, a real connection created by random circumstances that leads a stranger and yourself to either, catch each other’s eye or attention. At this workshop you will be challenged, partake in roleplaying and will briefly delve into the subject of the male and female mind and behaviour. What we aim to achieve with you, is to increase your confidence within yourself and your abilities to approach life not just people, for nothing more attractive to both sexes is a person who is confidant of them self and balanced in life. After all isn’t finding love supposed to be fun?


Today’s relationships are failing, with the highest records of marriages failing, where are we going wrong? It starts with self. With all relationships at the start, we were dedicated to the other person, going out of our way to please them. We are attentive to the needs and the wants of our partner and so lovingly did what was required to make that person ours. Where it all starts to go wrong is at the point when the emotional high towards your partner subsides, the chase is over and you feel you have won and so relinquish yourself from having to put such an effort in. You cannot simple obtain a bonsai tree and expect it to grow on its own, it requires constant attention and care to flourish. On this workshop you will learn the skills necessary to attain a lasting and loving relationship, things will come clear to you about your current situation and why. From your awareness of where you are and knowing where things have gone wrong, it is from there that the work can begin. With all relationships, challenges, that being the tough times, are actually what make the relationship grow stronger, it’s just about your approach to them that is the issue.


Coaching provides results, you may not have seen by going it alone. Hiring a coaching to personally dedicate their time solely to your dreams and aspirations increases your chances exponentially. Have you slept soundly envisioning the future of your life, woke up with energy and intent to make it happen, only to become distracted and to find time got past you and here you are again about to do the same thing. Hire a coach today might just be the push you needed to get over the hurdle. All the greats got to be who they are and where they are with the help of coaches, mentors and remodels. Nothing ventured is ever gained


Public Speaker

My name is David Collett, as with many speakers who talk on their areas of interest, you can expect an animated and enthusiastic speaker, whose aim is to motivate and inspire an audience to make a positive improvement to their lives. If you would like to hire me to speak as either a main speaker or as a guest speaker then please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. Subject spoken areas:- Dating Relationships Gifts, (strengths). Identity Purpose Social abilities Self-mastery Cost to hire for speaking event is to be agreed upon by the client and coach. Seminars Emotional intelligence Master Fisher and the perfect catch (Dating) My love and I (Relationships) Human connection (Rapport) Authentic me Basic NLP for all Ego vs. self Alpha human Leader insider me Man of honour and valour The woman of virtue and strength Webinars Seminars available via the webinar, now you will never have to miss out, where ever you are, we welcome you to join us on the web.


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