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My name is David Collett and I am a qualified Master NLP Practitioner working in the field of identity coaching.

Why did I decide to become a coach?

I tried my hands at many different jobs in the search for what I felt would be my calling. I first started building homes with my dad, became a solider, an actor, salesman and then a support worker. Each position was a stepping stone, a learning curve for, ones that would lead me to a position suited to my gifts and passion.
Whilst I never remained in those jobs, I learnt about what strengths I had and what I found pleasurable within each. As an actor I enjoyed the connection with people, soldier the leadership, salesman the drive, building homes the planning and creating of a vision and support worker the desire to help others.
So for me coaching is the logical path, not just coaching but as an identity coach. For as a coach I get to tap into all the strengths at my disposal and channel them into doing something, where people will benefit from the combination of my knowledge and abilities with their will and dedication to improve.
I am inspired by the future and what could be. Passionate for life and the ability to inspire others to attain their visions of the future. This is why I am a coach.

What to expect from coaching.

Before coaching starts we arrange a time for us to have a consultation, this consultation is for your chance to ask me any questions. It is also there for me to assess in what way to best coach you, to reach your goals. Since everyone is different, it is therefore vital that I get to know my clients.
I believe firmly in holistic coaching, how one area of your life effects another, I.e. health can affect your relationship.
As a coach I am not there to council, I am a professional designated to helping clients attain the results they may not have been able to do on their own. The success of any goal requires a goal, a plan and the ability to take action, yet where motivate maybe lacking or simply need the push, as your coach I will be close by to aid in your development.

Benefits of coaching.

As an Identity coach, clients approach me with areas of their lives that they either want to rediscover or develop upon. Clients have addressed that their character, behaviour and choices do not sit right with them, they seem to have lost sight in who they are. Others clients have come to me not knowing what they have to offer a relationship, business, work or life.
Not knowing where you are heading can leave you stuck, seeing the world around you moving and you stagnant can leave anyone feeling left behind. I understand the feeling, I have been there.
Through working with us at Your Identity Coach we will lead you to rekindle or mould you into that person you once were or want to become.
You will increase in
•Rediscover your strength/gifts
•You will leave with a direction for your life, with a strategy and plan of action to get you to a place where you can contribute your talents and strengths to. For nothing makes a person feel whole more than doing something they love.

Once you have stepped into the person you truly feel you are, you will start to see changes within your life, you will experience an increase in self-confidence, self-worth, your mental health will change to one of joy and satisfaction, with these changes happening to you, you will inevitably start to recognise as will others, the changes in you and so people and situations will also change for the better.
Ultimately the benefits you will receive will be the goals you set for yourself. It will require effort and willingness on your part, but if you will put your trust in us we can get you to where you want to be.
Look forward to this journey with you, enjoy your day.


• NLP Master Practitioner Coach
• High Performance Coach
• Strategic Intervention Facilitator
• NLP Practitioner
• NLP Diploma
• 3 years Dating Coach experience within the UK & USA
• Been coaching as an Identity coach since the year 2014


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