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Firstly we are not counsellors, as identity coaches we focus on the results of our clients rather than giving energy and time to the issues. We are skilled coaches with the knowledge and background in human behaviour combined with the powerful tools and techniques of NLP, Neuro linguistic Programming.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro refers to the brains function and the nervous system; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to way our neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind.

At ‘Your Identity Coach’ we look at the entirety of human development, we believe that for a person to reach the heights life has to offer, one has to establish self-control and self-discipline. The two are the foundations for success, to exercise control and patience over one’s own emotions, thoughts and behaviours make the individual the creator of their own journey and outcomes.

No one has ever become angry from any situation without first ALLOWING it to affect him. David collett

We coach on what we believe are life’s 5 most important questions.
1. Who am I?
2. What makes me unique?
3. What is my gift?
4. What is my mission?
5. What is my message?

If you are currently asking these questions and have not found an answer then allow us to help you. We also hold interactive workshops and coaching in the following areas;
• Self-discovery
• Self-mastery
• Leadership and management
• Relationship and dating

What to expect

You can expect to be enlightened and challenged, but ultimately you can expect RESULTS.

• to provide an outside perspective
• complete confidentiality
• to be attentive to your needs and style of learning
• to show an authentic coaching style towards your welfare and future
• to ultimately help you achieve your goals

• to challenge and take you out of your “comfort zone”
• to modify your sessions to fit your needs
• to maintain track of your coaching agreement
• to establish clear objectives
• to integrate and build on your ideas and visions
• to ask questions that aid discovery, insight, commitment and action
• to challenge your beliefs allowing for new perspectives
• to help you stay on track between sessions

• to provide information and tools that are beneficial to you
• to provide you with resources that will benefit you 

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Benefits of Using a Coach

You can expect to benefit in both your professional life and personal. Benefits include such things as confidence in one’s self and their abilities, social increase, enhancement of emotional intelligence, productivity increase, awareness skills, communication, rapport, satisfaction with work and life. The list can go on but ultimately the benefits are the goals set out by the client. What is also great about coaching is that it can be flexible in fitting into your busy lifestyle. We know life can be hectic and time seems scarce and so we offer coaching via the following:

Singular coaching
Face to face in person
Video chat I.e. Skype
Group coaching
Training programs
At you own leisure you can also access DVD, books and Downloadable content.


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